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Kitty-CanCan-Cafe : Miyano Shiki App by Shueren Kitty-CanCan-Cafe : Miyano Shiki App by Shueren
I decided to change my uke character to a seme/seke character to help even out the whole uke overload situation =v=
Please be kind to this idiot.

Edit : Finished doing up the final edits to his history and such.

Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

I am available to RP in
Skype (Ask me for my Skype)
Notes. (Mostly for extremely long posts)
Comments (On Applications) (Most preferred for Script RP)


UNLESS YOU WANT HIM TO BE ALL OVER YOU, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT TOUCH HIS EARS/TAIL. HE GOES A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL OF HORNY IF YOU DO . Needless to say, his ears and tails are his extremely sensitive erogenous spots.

[ ✖Name ✖]

Miyano Shiki [ Shiki]

[ ✖Age ✖]


[ ✖Birthday ✖]

15th January

[ ✖Height ✖]

5’8 [178 cm]

[ ✖ Weight ✖]

150lbs [68 kg]

[ ✖Species ✖]

Silver-Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat
[With blue eyes instead of grey]

[ ✖Uke|Seke|Seme ✖]

Seke | Seme

[ ✖Personality✖]

Shiki in general is a very rash and loud person. He’s that kind of person whom is not shy in striking up a conversation if he feels like doing so, even though his appearance makes him seem unapproachable.  He can be overly affectionate and tends to touch people he is familiar with quite a bit, touch meaning patting, hugging, latching as well as just leaning against someone

Shiki never really smile, instead he always has a large feral smirk on his face that makes his mafia-like face even scarier. It is not that he wants to look scary, but it had always been instilled in him [see history] that he needed to make people fear him rather than like him. This is also reasons as to why he is deemed to be relatively unsocial . It is not because of him being shy, but due to his naturally scary face.

Despites appearances, Shiki is a kind person, who would help without hesitation if someone needs it. While he is not the best advice giver , he makes it up with being a jokester . He is sharp-witted and knows more insults than most sailors. Not to mention he is good with biting words . So striking an argument with him is not a good idea. Shiki is NOT violent and would usually avoid violence unless he has to. But be warned, he doesn’t only look like a mafia, he can fight violently if needed.

Shiki is street-smart rather than book smart. While he isn’t all that adept in the theory section of ‘knowledge’, he is one of those people who knows how to strike a deal , haggle for lower prices and of course, he never get lost due to his good navigation skills .

[ ✖Likes ✖]

Pudding Milk Tea.
Milk Chocolate
Starb*cks White Chocolate Mocha Frappe
Root Beer Floats
Brunettes | Blondes
Anyone daring enough to approach him despite his looks
Light Alcohol | Beer
Fist sparring | Martial Arts
Having his scalp scratched
Being groomed  

[ ✖Dislike ✖]

Green peppers
Fighting | Having to resort to violence for something
His past
Citrus fruits of any kind
Shy people
Extremely cutesy | adorable people
Extremely sweet things
People asking him to stop smoking.
Being patted on the head
His hair/ears/tail being pulled

[ ✖Summary of Background ✖]

[For those who doesn’t want to read the extremely long story below].

Shiki was born into a large, not-so-well off family. They had their struggles but they made do with it till his father fell sick and was unable to support the family anymore. Shiki resorted to stealing food and money to support his family at a very young age.
However, he did the mistake of going into the wrong side of town to steal something. Instead he was caught by several dogs, members of a notorious dog gang, and was beaten up. The Alpha noticed how swift he was , recruited Shiki into the gang, making him the only feline member.

Years later, the Alpha was attacked and asked Shiki to escape with the other dogs, and to drop the gang life and instead live a life without regrets. Shiki did as told and managed to escape with the rest of the members. They disbanded the band and Shiki moved into a safer town. 

He then joined the Kitty Can Can café waiter crew as he realized he needed a real job to support his family from now on.

[ ✖History ✖]

Shiki was born in a relatively crowded and moderately well off French-Japanese family in the outskirts of Paris. He has 8 other siblings, with him being the middle child. Ever since he was a child, he had known nothing more than having to share everything and never to ask for anything. 

Things got worse when he was 10, when his father fell sick to the point he was unable to support the family. Finance was tight and food became scarce for the family. It was so horrible that Shiki resorted to stealing. First it was small things like a loaf of bread, a small roll of cheese and maybe some fruits here and there, but soon enough, he became more daring and started stealing money and jewellery to pawn and once in a while, he would steal larger portions of food. His siblings and his mother never caught on to his thefts, taking his lies of having to beg for food daily as good enough reason to him getting access to all those food.
Being a thief at a young age, Shiki had to adapt quickly to make sure he wasn’t caught. He grew to be faster and much more alert, ears always perked up for any signs of anyone trying to catch him and he learned the streets to make sure he knew every single escape route and possible dead-ends to avoid getting caught. 

But age 12, he did the mistake of stealing from the wrong side of town, where gangs ruled turfs and members prey on the weaker beings. He was caught by several members of a certain dog gang and was beaten up badly till their Alpha [leader] stopped when he saw how swiftly Shiki was dodging the hits till he got tired and allowed the boys to beat him up.

“ … Hey. You. What’s your name, we could use someone with your speed, regardless you being a fur-ball puking feline.”

With a half-lidded bruised gaze, Shiki regarded the gang leader painfully before uttering “Silver” in a choked cough, an alias rather than his real name. A feral smile stretched the dog’s face as he let out a bark of laughter. 

“Good name, good name. Whatcha think of joining my gang, hnn little kitty?”

Shiki agreed. 

He had thrown himself into gang life at the tender age of 12, plus, he was the only feline in the entire gang, which made things slightly harder for him. But the dogs were loyal to pack members, despite said pack member being a blasted feline. If the Alpha dog accepted him, then they too must accept Shiki. They were like a second family to the Norwegian cat; they taught him how to read and how to fight, most importantly, how to kill if needed. Of course, they pulled him into dealing with stress by drinking and smoking, he had long started doing so when he was a mere minor of 15 years old.

Shiki didn’t really have to fight anyone, he was the ‘pickpocket’ of the pack with his sole purpose was to steal enough to meet the quota of the week. And with every successful week, he will be paid a good percentage of what he stole. He lied to his family that he was had a ‘stable’ job, and that was why he had money to present to them which could help with their situation. 

At age 18, he was almost caught by the cops being involved in a gang fight. Only he and a few of the faster dogs, including the Alpha, managed to escape. But of course, he didn’t leave unscarred. He barely escaped getting murdered by the feline of another gang, whom had instead only managed to cut across his face rather than stab through it when Shiki made a break for it during their brawl.
That year was also the year his father died, leaving him and his 4 older siblings to support the youngest 4 family members, the youngest of them all being only 10 years old.  

He stayed with the gang till he reached an adult age of 21, and he was practically known to be one of the fastest and most ruthless thieves in that part of town, “Silver, the feline of the Dogs”.  He had let his silver hair grow long enough to the point that his face was covered when he was running away from his crime scene, to ensure his face was never seen. Gang life was a good life, but it was stressful and extremely dangerous. He became a chronic smoker due to the amount of stress and distrust he felt in a daily basis. He had long gave up trying to stop, with it being the only way he could deal with stress on a daily basis. 

One day, while he was taking a smoke break, his Alpha , whom was 25 years old, joined him in the alleyway. Shiki was surprised to see the man in said alleyway, when he knew said Alpha had some dealings to run at the present time, but he kept quiet and gave his cigarette to the black dog, whom took a shaky drag from the stick.

“ Hey Silver, ever regretted joining the gang…? “

Shiki was baffled at the sudden question, but he quickly composed himself and said a simple ‘No.’. The Alpha let out a bark of laughter at his response before taking a drag from the lit cigarette.

” No need to be tense around me , man. We’ve been family for like what, 8 years. The dogs had all but adopted you like you’re a puppy yourself.”

Shiki felt his ears wriggle as he noticed how strangled his Alpha’s voice sounded, almost like he was choking on something.

” My brother got killed yesterday, Silver. “

Shiki’s ears twitched even more. So his Alpha was choking on tears….? Shiki knew the Alpha’s brother, he was one of the stronger dogs in the pack even though he was merely 18, but what did that have to do with him regretting joining the gang? What was he trying to say to him in the first place? And why was there a growing stench of iron, blood? That was when he realized the growing patch of red on the man’s clothes. Shiki’s eyes widened when he realized what happened. His Alpha had been stabbed! Why was he not getting medical attention?! Instantly, he started fussing over the older man only to be stopped by a bloodied hand.

“ They’re after our dogs, Silver…. Ha… that’s not even your real name is it… Leave me here, I can hear them coming…”

Shiki shook his head, protesting and trying to pull his Alpha off the wall and run with him, but the dog merely shook his head and pushed Shiki away, a feral smile appearing on his face as his bloodied hand made a streak of red on the feline’s outfit.

”I regretted bringing my brother into this kind of life... only to die at 18 years…. Silver, or whoever your real name is, go back to the base… and escape with the dogs…. I can’t let any one of you get killed in front of me again...”

Shiki took a step back, voicing a small protest only to stop when he saw the smile on his Alpha’s face. It was the smile of someone who had given up on life, and was happy about it, the expression he seen so many of his late pack member adorn in their deaths. 

“S-Shiki… My name is Shiki…”

Alpha choked on a laughter before turning his head to the entrance of the alleyway.
“At least I got to know the real name of our only fur-spitting feline in the gang…  Go on then Shiki, I’ll hold them back… Get our guys away and tell them… Tell them to live their lives properly. Without regrets.“

With a mournful mewl, Shiki turned and dashed into the building to evacuate his fellow pack members. As he ran away, he heard a small whispered,

“ That’s our Silver.... Ever so fast.”


Shiki and the rest of the members managed to escape the turf unharmed, most of them knew what had happened from the streak of blood that carried their Alpha’s scent on Shiki’s clothes. Once he passed the message to them, they all looked pained and some looked downright distraught. This was their pack, and dogs are extremely loyal creatures. But it was still the orders of the Alpha. With resignation, they disbanded the gang. They bid each other farewell, some even going as far as nuzzling Shiki to keep his scent in memory so they would recognize the feline if they ever met again. Shiki did the same to the others, unwillingly letting go of his second family.

Soon after that, Shiki and his family moved over to a less dangerous town in Paris, buying a comfortable apartment with the money Shiki had accumulated during the past few years. Still, he needed to continue getting money and obviously theft wasn’t the answer anymore.

Instead, he went about searching for a job. Most establishment saw the scar on his face and shunned him away, making it extremely hard for him to get a job. But finally, finally, he managed to land himself as a job in Kitty Can Can Café whom had recruited him despite the feral look he had but rather on what he was capable of doing. 

[ ✖Additional Information ✖]

- Shiki actually hates smoking. But he’s already at that point where he is neck deep in the addiction that he just couldn’t stop. Also, he doesn’t know any other way to relieve his stress other than by smoking. 

- He is more soft-hearted towards dogs more than cats, seeing as he grew up fighting against a feline gang.

- His hair is silver with white tips.

- His eyes are a blue-green, an odd shade at that too. Only he has this eye colour in his entire family.

- He likes sweets, especially chocolate. This is due to the fact the dogs are wary of chocolate and gave all of it to him to eat. He had grew fond of it over the years.

- He dislikes cute/adorable/innocent people due to the fact he almost got tricked by an innocent looking feline who needed help, only to be led into the enemy gang’s territory. He managed to catch on to the fraud and escaped unscathed.

- His ears twitch alot, just a quirk he'd gotten over the years due to having to keep alert on things. 

Miyano Shiki & Art © Akirawr.

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