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★ Eren | 24 | ??? ★

The Derpy Duck Lord

Please send in a complaint note to Shueren if any ducks hurt you during your stay here.
Shueren is not responsible for any stray ducks that may follow you home.

<<< Bao Silkspinner belongs to Kultasuu
<<< Grumpy Tsundere (Vi) belongs to Shueren

★ Personal To-do List ★

★ To-Do List for Others ★

[★] Not Started || [★★] Sketching
[★★★] Lining || [★★★★] Colouring

  • [13AUG] : Simple Full Body [Mono]
    [Lunchkunn] (PAID) [★]
  • [15AUG] : Single Chibi
    [IIKosmosII] (PAID) [★]
    Art Trades [August]
    [★] = Received their trade

    Headshots Chibi

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    ★Thank you ★

    Thank you so much for all the watches, the favorites, the llamas as well as the kind comments you all left me! They are deeply appreciated and I will try my hardest to reply to them!
    All donations are appreciated!Buy Me a Coffee at


    31ST AUGUST - 6 PM [GMT]
    31ST AUGUST - 11 AM [PST]

    Available for RP via Discord or Google Docs

    ★RP GROUPS ★


    ★ Eren's Main Characters ★

    These character belong to Shueren . Do not steal/reference/use/trace/copy them.
    You are free to draw them, but do not claim them as yours.

    M I R A I || Penelope Rivers


    Real Name : Penelope Rivers
    Alias : MIRAI
    Gender : Male
    Age : 954 || Forever 19
    Height : 164cm || 5 ft 4

    Race : Half-Bunny-Half-Cat Demon
    Magic : Fire || Shadow
    Occupation : Royal Advisor
    Status : Single

    Mirai is the younger brother of Teiji. Despite his gender, Mirai had been blessed with distinctively feminine features such as an adorable face and a slim body. Due to this, Mirai is more inclined to wear dresses and female outfits over male apparel.

    Overall, Mirai is an adorable and cheerful boy, usually seen with a large smile and laughing about and therefore, many people find him more approachable as compared to Teiji.

    However just like his brother, Mirai harbors a great secret under all the frills and cute smiles. Beneath it all, Mirai is a ruthless yandere, that has a massive jealousy streak to those who approaches the ones he loves. Worst of all, he has no qualms in killing anyone with a large smile on his face, even enjoying the feel of his victims' blood coating his hands.

    A S C H I D I A || Vincent Ashworth


    Real Name : Vincent Ashworth
    Alias : ASCHIDIA
    Gender : Male
    Age : 582 || Forever 23
    Height : 191cm || 6 ft 3

    Race : Converted Demon
    Magic : Ice || Lightning
    Occupation : Alpha Demon || Demon Overlord
    Status : Single but unavailable

    T E I J I || Aberforth Rivers


    Real Name : Aberforth Rivers
    Alias : TEIJI
    Gender : Male
    Age : 985 || Forever 21
    Height : 172cm || 5 ft 6

    Race : Cat Demon
    Magic : Necromancy || Blood
    Occupation : Royal Advisor
    Status : Single

    Code by rollingpoly

    ★ Waiting On ★

    [Just to keep track of the commissions I bought lol]


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